26 May 2007

Worth A Try

Simson Garfinkel blogs about getting hard disk drives working by putting them in your kitchen freezer.

I've worked this trick since the mid-1990s. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't; but the price is right.

I always place the drive in a "zip-lock" bag — get as much air out as possible. Any moister in the air will freeze, of course.

Hard drives are designed to passively move heat. I have always felt that an hour or two was long enough. Then, I try mounting the drive while it is still freezer cold, but I also try as (and after) it has warmed back to room temperatures.

When a hard drive is obsolete or beyond repair they are always good for a few rare-earth magnets!

22 May 2007

Please Sir, May I Have Some More?

No one likes a whiner; therefore I haven't written to my blog lately.

Here are a few quick list of things happening right now:

1. After nine years working independently, I'm looking for a full-time salary job, wish me luck!
2. I've been doing volunteer work for WebKit. WebKit is the web engine behind Apple's Safari web browser.
3. PT Wetter 3 is actively remaking his to-do system, Frictionless. I will be trying this out tonight.
4. I have been fixing-up my 1993 Volvo 850 GLT sedan. It's got 179,000 miles and going strong.
5. Now that it is past 15 May it's Summer in this part of Arizona.