10 August 2010

Verizon-Google and Net Neutrality

Josh Silver expounds on the Google-Verizon Deal: The End of The Internet as We Know It.

The Verizon-Google deal is not clear to anyone right now. However, this and other deals like it do need to be watched and guarded against being too far reaching. When Silver says, "all video, radio, phone and other services will soon be delivered through an Internet connection" -- that is mostly true. Digital TV might as well be all Internet-based. Big Media video over the Internet is why Big Tech and Big Telecom are inking deals like this. But if you study the broadcast industry at the dawn of television you will also see articles describing "power plays" for radio place. The Internet is good at routing around censorship and "damage", it is part of the design of the Internet.

I'll be watching this one.