27 September 2012

Camping on a Lie

"Overall, FactCheck.org found, there is no clear evidence that Romney, during Bain’s management of this company, shipped U.S. jobs to China." "Three Pinocchios = Significant factual error and/or obvious contradictions." -- Washington Post, 18 September 2012

President Obama’s jab at Mitt Romney: ‘All you’ve done is send [China] our jobs’

President Obama continues to campaign on this significant political lie. Further, sit back for a second. It makes no sense. Why would Mr. Romney as future President want to send jobs overseas? And why is something done in the 1990s so important to Mr. Obama? Creating jobs in the USA is a carefully watched metric. Mr. Obama cannot lie about the jobs he hasn't made as President, so his campaign does lie about the lesser known history of Mr. Romney at Bain Capital.

President Obama's record is 43 consecutive months of over 8% unemployment, while at the same time, the labor force participation rate has fallen to a 30 year low. These are the facts at the end of August 2012 from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


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